Where We Stand Today Re: BDS Event

FEBRUARY 15, 2013 



Nadya Drukker, Executive Director, and Howard Wohl, President of the Board of Directors, state the following on behalf of Brooklyn College Hillel.


Where We Stand Today:

·      The four students who were unjustly ousted from the event have our unconditional support and we are assisting them in their response to the incident on February 7th. We also stand behind all those who were insulted, felt intolerance, and experienced anti-Jewish discrimination.

·      We are working with the College administration to implement the guidelines that President Gould enumerated in her letter to Hillel.

·      We intend to review the results of an independent investigation of the circumstances leading up to and including what occurred at the misguided BDS event.

·      We insist that the Administration take appropriate action to penalize those Campus clubs which abused the privileges the College provided.

·      We insist that the Administration establish new regulations that will ensure that these disgraceful circumstances never recur.

·      We look forward to the results of a full investigation of the Political Science Department, which has continually ignored the tenets of Academic Integrity.

·      We expect the Administration to implement changes that ensure that neither this nor any other department will be permitted to act in such an arrogant and callous manner.

·      We insist that the Administration take appropriate action to penalize those members of the Faculty and other College staff, who willingly contributed to these actions and/or neglectfully allowed undemocratic and hateful activities to occur.


Hillel continues to act as a beacon to Jewish students, supporting their individual Jewish journeys.  So, too, we continue to foster ongoing cooperation with other campus organizations. We will continue to provide programs that honor respectful engagement so that the College community will be more tolerant and open-minded.  Our array of Israel programs and educational sessions will take place as scheduled with the goal to reach out to other clubs on campus and to educate the campus community about the complexity of the situation in the Middle East.


We will continue to update you as we learn more about the facts and we will judge the Administration by its actions.  We intend to insure that Brooklyn College's campus is dedicated to educational excellence pursued in an atmosphere free from fear.



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