Vision and Mission

Tanger Hillel seeks to inspire every Jewish student to make an enduring commitment to Jewish Life.

We achieve our vision through our core Jewish values. The Tanger Hillel at Brooklyn College seeks to promote:

  • Jewish identity - Strengthening each student’s understanding of their personal Jewish identity and overall commitment to Judaism.
  • Israel - sustaining and developing each student’s commitment to our holy land
  • Tzedakah - Creating a culture that promotes giving money as a necessary component of Jewish life
  • Chessed - Preserving a rich tradition of proactively helping humanity. Making sure that each student understands the importance of acts of loving kindness.
  • Tikun Olam - Helping each student realize his/her personal contribution and potential in helping to make the world a better place.


The Brooklyn College Hillel seeks to strengthen Jewish identity among the college's Jewish students; to sustain and develop their commitment to Israel; to increase understanding both between Jewish groups and between Jews and others; to foster a climate of tolerance through a pluralistic approach; to engage its students through Jewish learning opportunities, arts, culture, recreation and religious experience; to cultivate students’ participation in social action; and to utilize the resources of Jewish partner organizations and agencies, as well as those of the city. Tanger Hillel Board of Trustees supports these efforts by providing financial resources and fiscal, building, and program oversight in conformity with governance standards established by the International Hillel Center.


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