Hillel Clubs

Jewish Umbrella for Major Programs in Sports (JUMPS) organizes sports tournaments within the Hillel organization and plans trips to major sporting events. CONTACT: yelena@bchillel.org

The Social Action Club includes quick, hands-on activities for worthy causes. CONTACT: yelena@bchillel.org

Love, Imagine, Network, Knowledge (LINK) brings together Jewish women from all backgrounds for educational activities, social support and networking opportunities. In addition, LINK meets monthly to discuss modern Jewish society and women’s involvement in Judaism.CONTACT: shira@bchillel.org

Sephardic Club: The Sephardic Club celebrates Sephardic culture through social and religious activities such as daily Mincha/afternoon prayer, weekly Parsha/Torah portion discussions, and other cultural activities. CONTACT: reuvenb@bchillel.org

Yom HaShoah Committee: The Yom HaShoah Committee increases awareness of the Holocaust and other human rights concerns across the student community. Activities include sponsoring events, inviting guest speakers, and planning ceremonies for Kristallnacht and Yom HaShoah. CONTACT: yelena@bchillel.org

United4Israel: Unitied4Israel is the Israel Club on campus. They are dedicated to promoting Israel on campus, teaching students from diverse groups and clubs about Israel’s rich past, vibrant culture, and religious history. CONTACT: IsraelFellow@bchillel.org

The Orthodox Club (OC): The Orthodox Club brings together students to celebrate and share their rich religious Jewish heritage through weekly classes, holiday celebrations, and trips. CONTACT: shira@bchillel.org or reuvenb@bchillel.org

The Russian Jewish Club (RJC): The RJC is a place for Russian students to connect with their Jewish culture, get to know a new environment, and make new friends CONTACT: bcrussianjewishclub@gmail.com

Thanksgiving Dinner for the Homeless: The Tanger Hillel at Brooklyn College hosts an annual Thanksgiving dinner for homeless New Yorkers. Hillel partners with student clubs, fraternities, sororities, and local agencies, including the New York City Department of Homeless Services to facilitate the event. Close to 200 New Yorkers in need plus 170 volunteers attended the festive meal every year. In addition to the dinner banquet, the evening is complete with music, dancing, entertainment and of course turkey. CONTACT: yelena@bchillel.org

Passover Delivery for Seniors: The Tanger Hillel at Brooklyn College organizes a Passover Package Delivery program to senior citizens. This is an annual program that seeks to aid those in need, and to unite the Jewish community in time for the holiday. Starting two weeks before Passover, students work tirelessly to assemble food packages for the underprivileged seniors and deliver the food to over 300 families. CONTACT: yelena@bchillel.org

Annual Fashion Show FUNdraiser: The Annual Fashion Show FUNdraiser is one of our calendar highlights. Each year, a team of students volunteer their time. They spend every Sunday creating the theme for the show, scouting models and designers, culminating in a great fashion show for the Brooklyn College community, their friends and family to raise money for a charitable cause. CONTACT: yelena@bchillel.org

After School Program: Creating Opportunities for Children in Need: The After School Program provides a unique opportunity for students of every denomination to partner in making a difference in the life of a homeless child. Brooklyn College students eat dinner with the children, play games, read stories, and help with their homework. Each week, over 30 children from a local homeless shelter come to the Hillel.  CONTACT: yelena@bchillel.org

Alternative Break: Week of Good Deeds: An Alternative Break is about service and learning; a different way to spend time off from school. We reach out to local community partners in soup kitchens, homeless shelters, nursing homes and other local agencies to help those in need. In addition to local opportunities, we travel to Florida to help terminally ill children and their families. These projects embody the spirit of community and connect to our core Jewish values of Tikkun Olam/Repairing the World, Chessed/Kindness and Tzedek/Charity. CONTACT: yelena@bchillel.org


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