Russian Students at Brooklyn College Bring Jewish Culture to Their Communities

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July 05, 2005
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They are poster girls for bringing Russians into the fold, their lives transformed by a close encounter with Jewishness. 

Just over a year ago, Brooklyn College students Anna Maslova, Inna Gerenshteyn and Anna Limmer became the first participants in a pilot program called New Generations, which sends Russian-Jewish college students to visit Russian day care centers in Brooklyn and Staten Island once a week to do informal Jewish education with the preschool children. 

Today, all three young women none of whom were remotely involved in Jewish life before joining Brooklyn College Hillel a couple of years ago and volunteering for New Generations say that not only have they been successful in imbuing their preschool charges with positive feelings about Jewish culture and holidays, but their own lives have been transformed by the experience of bringing Yiddishkeit to the children. 


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