Call them what you will:  Holidays, Chagim, Yom Tovim, just as long as you call them! Every year we pack and deliver Passover food packages to those in need. This year is no different. Regardless of how you celebrate these magical days in the Jewish calendar, come to Tanger Hillel to enjoy them.  From building and decorating a sukkah on campus, to cooking homemade latkes, Hillel provides a comfortable atmosphere to celebrate the Jewish holidays, in a variety of creative ways. If you are observing Jewish holidays and are unable to attend school due to a religious conflict, it counts as an excused absence.  

If you have any issues with exams or missed work, please contact and we will help you if you have any problems. We suggest checking what days you may miss at the beginning of the semester and tell your professor when you will miss class.

Daily Minchah prayer takes place in the Hillel Monday-Thursday at 1:45PM.


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