Hillel Clubs


  • ALPHA EPSILON PI (AEPi): AEPi, the Jew-ish fraternity of North America, provides opportunities for Jewish men seeking the best possible college and fraternity experience. Students make lifelong friends and have unforgettable experiences. Contact: Sarali@bchillel.org
  • The Community Health Associated Initiatives: (CHAI) Club is dedicated to educating the campus community in healthcare fields. CHAI participates in local walks supporting different research and causes in the medical field,  fundraisers, seminars and other events to educate potential blood donors and life savers. Contact: Sarali@bchillel.org 
  • Creative Coexistence (CreaCo):  is a club that is built to foster pluralism and peace among students at Brooklyn College through the medium of art.
  • HILLEL CLUB: The Hillel Club's mission is to enhance students’ Jewish life on campus and beyond. Contact: Springboardfellow@bchillel.org
  • HOLOCAUST COMMITTEE: The Yom HaSh-oah Committee increases awareness of the Holocaust across campus through first-hand account from Holocuast speakers and a walk to remember across campus. Contact: Springboardfellow@bchillel.org
  • ISRAEL INDEPENDENCE DAY COMMITT-EE/YOM HA'ATZMAUT: The Israel Independence Day Committee is dedicated to planning and executing an interactive celebration for Israel Independence Day for the entire campus to enjoy. The committee promotes Israel pride at Hillel and on campus. Contact IsraelFellow@bchillel.org
  • ISRAEL LEARNING FELLOWSHIP (ILF): The Israel Learning Fellowship is a weekly seminar facilitated by our Israel fellow. Each week, students from all backgrounds learn about Israel's history, culture, and political climate. Contact IsraelFellow@bchillel.org
  • ISRAEL'S MEMORIAL DAY/ YOM HAZIKARON: On Yom Hazikaron, students can participate in a ceremony dedicated to honoring fallen Israeli soldiers. The ceremony includes a first hand account from an IDF soldier. Contact IsraelFellow@bchillel.org
  • LINK:LINK(Love, Imagine, Network, Knowledge) brings together Jewish women from all backgrounds to meet for educational activities, social support, and networking opportunities. Contact  marjorie@bchillel.org
  • ORTHODOX CLUB (OC): The OC brings students together to celebrate and share their rich religious Jewish heritage through weekly classes, events, and trips. Contact Marjorie@bchillel.org  or Daniel@bchillel.org
  • RUSSIAN SPEAKING JEWISH CLUB (RSJC): The RSJC is a place for Russian students to connect with their Jewish culture and make friends. Contact Springboardfellow@bchillel.org
  • Mizrahi/Sephardic Programming: This community celebrates Sephardic and Mizrahi cultures through social and religious activities such as daily Mincha (afternoon prayer), weekly Parsha (Torah portion) discussions, and other cultural activities. Contact Sarali@bchillel.org
  • UNITED4ISRAEL: United4Israel is dedicated to providing educational opportunities to explore Israel's rich past, vibrant culture and current political situation with the diverse student body at Brooklyn College. Contact IsraelFellow@bchillel.org 


  • AFTER SCHOOL PROGRAM: The After School Program provides a unique opportunity for students from all backgrounds to come together and make a difference in the life of a homeless child. Once a week, volunteers and kids share a meal, do educational activities, and have fun together. Contact Sarali@bchillel.org
  • ALTERNATIVE BREAK: Alternative Break is a unique opportunity for students to immerse themselves in Jewish service-learning, participate in hands-on service experience such as tutoring children in underserved communities, clean up parks, plant fruits and vegetables in low income communities, and much more. Contact Sarali@bchillel.org
  • BLOOD DRIVE: The Blood Drive Committee brings together a diverse student body to plan a blood drive and bring awareness of the blood shortage. Contact Sarali@bchillel.org
  • COFFEE HOUSE FOR THE ELDERLY: Coffee House for the Elderly is a group of students who volunteer with the elderly, enjoying lunch, live music, conversations, and birthday celebrations together.  Contact Sarali@bchillel.org
  • HOLOCAUST REMEMBRANCE COMMITTEE: The Holocaust Rememberance Committee increases awareness of the Holocaust and other human rights concerns across the student community. Activities include sponsoring events, inviting guest speakers, and planning ceremonies for Kristallnacht and Yom HaShoah. Contact Springboardfellow@bchillel.org
  • MINI DAY CAMP: The mini day camp is a three-day mini day camp organized by student volunteers for children from a local homeless shelter. The students organize all trips, prepare meals, and plan interactive, critical thinking activities for the duration of the camp. Contact Sarali@bchillel.org
  • FASHION SHOW FUNDRAISER: The Fashion Show Fundraiser is a yearly event where dedicated student volunteers spend several Sundays planning a fashion show from start to finish, developing a theme and scouting models, performers, and designers. The planning culminates in  a fashion show for the entire community. Contact Sarali@bchillel.org
  • PASSOVER DELIVERIES FOR SENIORS: Passover Deliveries for Seniors is a program Hillel runs every Pesach. Starting two weeks before Passover, students work together to assemble and deliver food to seniors in need. Contact Sarali@bchillel.org
  • SOCIAL ACTION SQUAD (SAS): The SAAS is a student committee that brings awareness to social justice causes through community service projects at Brooklyn College and beyond. Contact Sarali@bchillel.org 
  • THANKSGIVING DINNER FOR THE HOMELESS: Every year, Hillel hosts an annual Thanksgiving Dinner for the Homeless. We partner with student clubs, Greek organizations, and local businesses to bring a warm and enjoyable evening to New Yorkers experiencing homelessness. CONTACT: Sarali@bchillel.org


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