Rental Space


Tanger Hillel Rental Space 

2901 Campus Road Brooklyn, NY 11210

Contact: Stephanie Bruck at or 718-859-1151 x13


$1000 refundable security deposit *
$1350 room Rental **
$190/$380 for security guard *** (As of 1/1/20 price will be $250/$500)
$115/$190 event liability/liquor liability insurance ****
*Security Deposit - You pay the deposit to secure the date. If there are
any damages or if the party runs overtime, money will be deducted from the
security deposit.
**Room Rental Fee – the rental fee gives you the room for 2 hours of
setup, 5 hours for the party and ½ hour to close the party down and leave the
premises. The maximum capacity is 250 people. That 250 includes the
children, waiters, performers, DJ’s, etc. Parties must be over by 1:00 am. At
1:30am the doors are locked.
***Security Guards – For a party up to 150 people, the guard fee is $190.
For a party up to 250 people, the guard fee is 380.

****Event Liability/Liquor liability Insurance
You must purchase this insurance online and and provide us with a copy before
the event. The insurance for an event without liquor/beer being served is $115
and insurance for an event with liquor/beer being served is $190.


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