Israel Beyond the Headlines

Through access to key sites and figures, Jewish and non-Jewish future leaders across the globe will have the opportunity to experience Israel beyond the headlines and earn academic credits from a world top 150 university through:

Coexistence in the Middle East

  • Dec. 27, 2017 - Jan. 10, 2018 | July 2-26, 2018 | August 1-15, 2018

An intercultural field program in which participants experience the challenges and complexities of coexistence by engaging with different national, religious,    and ideological groups that converge in Israel (3-9 credits).

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  • July 2-26, 2018 | | Winter '18 (dates TBA)

Organized in collaboration with the Israeli Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Economy, InnovNation offers insight into the best practices in Israeli innovation and an up-close look at the disruptive technologies that are shaping tomorrow's world. (3-6 credits).

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Here is the INVITATION link for you to check these amazing summer abroad programs out!


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